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Miranda, drinking game edition.

Annoyed yet? ;)

According to my plan of making Miranda the number one tv-show of ALL TIMES, HAR HAR HAR, I watched the first three episodes with elli the other week. She seemed only mildly impressed, which is okay! We can still be friends, babe!! ;)
But of course that means I have to rewatch all episodes AGAIN, seeing as I can't just stop after 3, duh!!

And while talking to dingogrrl about the awesome trifle Miranda made for the lunch with the prime minister, I had the idea of a Miranda drinking (OR, EQUALLY AWESOME: EATING) game. One that leaves you either plastered or fat. OR BOTH!?
Here's what I came up with so far. PLEASE ADD AWAY, PEEPSICLES!!

>> every time Miranda looks at the audience.
>> every time Heather Small appears. (real, quote or sign)
>> every time Clive says something hilariously mean.
>> every time Tilly sillifies a word.
>> every time Stevie and Miranda make 'Choooo'-noises about a guy.
>> every time Penny says "Such Fun!"
>> every time Miranda corrects her mother with "It IS xyz, it'S not just what YOU call xyz!"
>> every time Penny mentions another naughty invention (a la 'kinky quiche' or 'naughty knitting')
>> every time Miranda invents an awesome single-person game.
>> every time Gary acts manly.
>> every time Gary acts gay.
>> every time Penny messes up mouthing words.

...... YOU GO ON!
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